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3000GT/Stealth get-2-gether?

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I'm seeing if anyone has some interest on getting everyone in the area (eugene/springfield/portland) together.

The place would be in eugene probably at a park around here. Just getting some interest for now PM or reply here.

If there is a decent amount of people that are up for this then I'll make it a sure thing and find us a good place.
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dunno if your on or not but got the annual meet coming up.. i'm a clackamas person myself i'd be down for something in salem or something...altho i'll prob be headed by there some point soon...if you know anybody wanting a base model stealth red bumper and brake lights and garnish lemme know i'm offing mine for free since replaced rear end
not likely. not many ppl left down here and im not driving my race car down to eugene.

too many crackheads.

clackamas....thats doable :)
Yah, I haven't checked out in a while. I'd be down for a get together, it would have to be in November though.
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