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**3000GT Parts For sale**

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MAKE OFFERS. Deals will be givin on multiple part buys. Please only ask about parts on list, or parts that could be included in catsgories labled REQUEST.

-all axles-50 each
-ABS pump-450
-active exhaust actuator-50
-full rear suspension(carriage, arms, 4WS assembly etc.)-1000
-one rear ECS shock-(for VR4, 20K miles)-75
-2 stock back springs-50 both
-2 front rotors (first gen)-100 both, just turned, like new
-driver side door shell-(stripped parts, RED)-200 EXCELLENT SHAPE
-GREY console lid-15
-GREY trunk side panels-25 each, w/access doors
-GREY Trunk back panel-20, W/O access doors
-GREY hatch bottom panel-20
-GREY *minorly damaged* dash-200
-steering column-250 comes w/key
-Rack And Pinion-(VR4)-400
-side A-pillars (RED)-25 each
-side "twin Turbo" panels-20 each
-Various control units-(active exaust, suspension, speed, etc. )-request
-Auto A/C Parts- sensors, and servo actuators-request
-interior switches-request
-Passenger tinted door glass (tint removable-professional job)-50
-95 VR-4 Radio and AMP-50 radio, 30 amp
-clarion CD changer for ANY car-(RF Modulated, complete system)-125 COMPLETE
-various switches and garnishes-request
-various weather stripping-request
-various front suspension parts-request
-A/C fan, underhood relay assembly-fan motor-15, relay-15
-A/C drier assembly-30
-A/C Core(evaporator)-(NOT condensor, it is the core for making cold air)-100
-Heater core-(for making hot air)-100
-Center Guage set-40
-Speedometer cluster-100
-Kenwood 10" small enclosure sub(peak 400W, 4 ohm)-25
-rear Washer Fuid Resovoir-20
-Front wiper motor-25
-ABS and ECS G-Force sensors/Parts-Request
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Parts desired:

The "cups" that hold the cargo cover in the sidepanels. There are two, one on the left and one on the right. Mine are crumbling. Let me know price/availability.
sorry, they have been sold
I'll take the side "twin turbo" panels if they'll fit my 94 VR4 and they're still nice and glossy..........

[email protected]
do you still have side skirts?
Dibs on the rear windshield wiper switch, if it hasn't been called.

E-Mail me at [email protected]

Elektrobeatz-the panels are dull, I will try to polish them out, and i'll let you know.

PH34R-sorry, they are sold

Livitup-Sorry, sold that switch and garnish
I'll give ya $35 for the front passenger axle if your willing to break up the set. Personally, I don't see how someone would buy more than one, simply because you don't have two go bad at the same time.
do you have a cargo cover and driver's side foglight (full assembly)?
Dragon, lowest price is 50 on that part

225ripped, sorry, sold those.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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