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3000gt in Turbo Mag

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in the dec turbo there is a 91 3000gt sl in the readers rides section, pg 135. imo it is not a very good representation of our cars

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What ever happened to the one that GT Pro /Dynamic was supposed to have in the NOV issue? The built one with lots o power at the tires? :)
Some info

"Reader's Ride
1991 3000GT SL

As you already know, we like DSMs around here. They come in a variety of forms and most of them can be made to go fast. Real fast. Eddie Palmisano's 3000 GT is content with looking good.
A Stillen cold air intake and Borla 3-inch stainless steel exhaust system enhance the flow of air in and out of the engine. Meanwhile, the stock rims have been chucked in favor of the 16-inch chrome wheels you see here, wrapped in delightful Pirelli rubber.
Eibach springs provide for a 3-inch drop, while KYB shocks soak up the suspension travel, keeping the rubber on the road and not the fenderwells
Recently, a fresh engine was installed and tranny rebuilt along with a new red paintj job and sunroof. With the PIAA driving lights installed to brighten up the roads, Palmisano is ready to take his DSM out for some late night cruising.
In the future, Palmisano predicts a five point harness and Sparco seats to make their way into the interior. Futhermore, a set of 17-inch Mitsubishi VR4 rims will be filling up the fenderwells as well."

Again, still no major publicity for these cars:rolleyes:
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I saw that. I also read that it had Eibachs with a 3" drop(must be ground controls) but in the pic you could camp out under the wheel wells.
woa 3 inch drop! now that car must be crazy fast!
So, is it an owner on this board? A 3" drop doesn't sound too realistic to me. I seem to remember that people think that 2" is all that you can do. There is a big difference between 2" and 3". Maybe his wheels are on sideways or something, I don't know...
My Spyder ia dropped at least 2.5" with the set of Intrax that I have on it :D:D
"Palmisano is ready to take his DSM out for some late night cruising. "
Umm, who the fuck do they think they are? Our cars are NOT DSM's....
After all of the experiences we've had with rags mis-representing our cars you guys are still surprised?
Not surprised, just disappointed is all.
it also has the crome fender things, that go right above the wheel, like a fender flare i guess...very nice:rolleyes:
So out of all that editorial garbage you have to sift through you discover that his only mods are: intake and exaust.
So out of all that editorial garbage you have to sift through you discover that his only mods are: intake and exaust.
That's how most ricer mags are. I'll bet the car had tons of stickers and a big stereo though :rolleyes: You ever notice how wordy those guys get? It gets annoying. They can make a K&N sound like it's a mod that took hours of tuning to fix and yielded a 50 hp increase.

I don't know about you guys but I like people not knowing about my car. I especially like when they think it's slow:) Even most of the import guys don't know shit about them. I tell them it's awd and tt and they're like holy shit?!?! I think it's funny. Just think, our cars aren't going to be played out and we will be unique:) I'm just a big fan of being different. If everyone else has one thing, I want the
The one nice thing about our cars being obscure it they're more or less rice-proof. Sure, they can be stickered up, but there's not a lot of gaudy body kits, no altezzas, no useless APC parts. People actually have to WORK to make a ricey 3S. Ricers are inherently lazy (physically and intellectually), thus, they tend to stay away from our cars :D

dsm=diamond star motors=mitsubishi ??????? i think ours are dsm's
Re: dsm

Lof8 said:
dsm=diamond star motors=mitsubishi ??????? i think ours are dsm's
You think wrong.
Diamond Star Motor's is not Mitsubishi, They were paid by Mitsu to make Eclipse, Talon, Lazer, Galant Vr4.
And Our Car's were not made by Diamond Star Motors.
Yah, what Velocity VR-4 said. I heard some ricer talking about a Skyline and how those bad mfers are like 800hp stock and can make like 1000h.p. with like two mods and all this other BS. He then goes on to say how they never bring any of those kind of fast cars to the US. Another guy I was actually talking to liked my car but was going to buy a Supra, cause its the fastest import out there. I proceed to tell him that the VR-4s are quicker stock for stock-he just laughs. Ricers use the weight issue to tell me my car is slow and domestic guys use the "all rice cars have no torque" misconception to tell me why VR-4s are slow. We have yet to prove ourselves to be at the level of other fast cars, but I really try to refrain from making the comparison with other fast imports which are nothing more then a shell of a car using some transplanted engine. We have already achieved alot in the last few years still clinging to the daily/driver mentality with all the creature comforts that made our cars so special and fun to drive. What would happen if Matt was to gut one of his 11 second cars and weld in a roll cage? I would think 10 seconds would not be a big problem. I would think that a 9 seond car would not be too far fetched either!

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heh, I thought DSM = Damn Slow Machine (hell, that's what they use on the SRO boards.)
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