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3 3000s for Partout

All non turbo

Auto and manual cars

Tons of good parts left

Good rims

Willing to ship anything

I will be responsible for shipping items under 150 pounds anything above 150 pounds up to the buyer to take care of shipment.

Currently running deals on a few things

350 shipped for true black dashboards (complete with wiring , HVAC, airbag)

Tan door car with upper black trim-170 shipped 190 to west coast

175 shipped on hoop spoilers

50 picked up for hoods

180 shipped for crankshafts

125 shipped for pristine true black steering wheel

200 for good charcoal carpet

65 shipped for pair of tail lights

50 for 3000GT Center Bezels (white or black)

400 picked up for DOHC Engine

250 picked up for SOHC engine

300 picked up for Automatic transmission

550 shipped for MTX FWD transmission

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Any good ac compressors? Guess I'll have to take a stab at retrofitting a 2g comp into a 1g car.

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