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3" lowering springs, suspension questions. help!

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i have 3" lowering springs and the stock strut/shock (whatever its called i dunno) isnt big enough apparently so i need like shorther ones i guess, anybody know where i can find a setup to accomidate 3" lowering ???? please help im lost
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A 3" drop would just about put the frame on the ground.
I don't think you'll find any struts that will allow a 3" drop.

Jim Berry
if i found out how to post pics ill show you what it looks like i bought my rims and 3" springs from the guy and he gave me pictures.
I have mine dropped about 1½" using Grond Control coilovers and I have to drive it up on 4" ramps to get a low profile jack under the car. As it is it rubs on speed bumps and shallow driveways. With a 3" drop and stock springs you would need to drive on pool table smooth surfaces.

An additional problem is alignment ---- at 3" of drop you will not be able to get the camber into spec with the stock adjustments.
I have the Ground Control camber plates and run -3º on the front and -1½º in the rear for track use and -1½º front and rear for regular driving. I expect to use up a set of Yokohama A032 tires in about 5000 miles.

If you want your tires to last you need camber plates in front and you need to modify the suspension in back.
OKAY! Finally someone who knows about tire-wear w/ ground controls. I have been debating ground-controls or Intrax for a while, and I like the adjustable feature of the ground-controls, so..... If I lower mine almost 2 inches when I'm going to shows and out on the weekends, am I going to wear my tires out really fast? What exactly do I need to do to minimize tire wear? I don't want my camber and all that off significantly. Any help/tips?

the only 3 inch drop i'm aware of is the Tein one. all others drop MAX at 2.5''. even if you get your racing springs from japan it will drop max of 2.5''. so unless you cut your spring you should double probably is not a 3 inch drop.

plus the fact that if you have been riding on a 3inch drop. i'm pretty sure your shocks are good as gone. your stock shock will have no travel to support a 2 ton object with that low of drop...and plus the fact that your car probably will be bouncing up and down like crazy.

newfoundglory. everytime you touch the ground control, wether its lowering or raising, your car will be out of alignment. as for wearing out tires fast, there are alot of factors to really depends. but generally..raising it and lowering it by half to an inch or so really won't kill your camber that much.
jspec- so what you are saying is that say I get the ground-controls, set them at a 1-3/4 inch drop, and then go get an alignment. If I lower them more (for show) or less (for long trips/extra driving) they will be out of alignment. Saw I'm going to my grandparents in rural michigan, where it's mostly stone roads, I'd want to bring it back up to make the ride more comfortable (and easier) would my alignment be out, and how bad would this be on my tires and handling? When I lower it back down, will my alignment still be off... or go back to normal? Are there any ways to get around this? thanks

My car is dropped 2.7 inches. It is LOW. I cant make a fist under the car. I have 18x9 wheels. and 1 finger dont even fit between the tire and the fender. It looks great though. As soon as I know how to up load pics, I'll put one up.
yes first off my springs are cut, its a 3 inch drop. i have [pictures but i dont know how to show them on here, so what im asking is does anybody know what kind of shock to get? i dont want to spend 1,500$ for the tein things. all i want is shocks, my car is currently lowered 1.5 inch but it looks like crap w/ 19" chrome rims and it looks good with 3" lowered.

BUT i need a set of shocks that can handle this. HELP!!!
My car is dropped 2.7 inches. It is LOW. I cant make a fist under the car. I have 18x9 wheels. and 1 finger dont even fit between the tire and the fender. It looks great though. As soon as I know how to up load pics, I'll put one up."

That's great, but can you drive it ?? Can you align the car such that you don't have -2º of camber ?? Do you have any shock travel or are you on the bump stops ?? can you drive over a speed bump ??

Lookin cool is great, but not if you risk your life with an unsafe car. Unless you modified the suspension you probably have little or no shock travel. I have a 1½" drop, 900# springs with GAB struts set on kill and the bump stops cut in half and I'm hitting the stops now and then.

Jim Berry
yes I can drive it. Or else I wouldn't have done it. I am fine on speed bumps and dips as long as I go slow, or like going up my steep driveway, I have to turn in at an angle instead of straight in.
:p i dunno if i can drive it yet. i just got the springs there not on my car yet, i know these shocks will be destroyed they cant even handle the 1.5 drop pos shocks. so i was wondering if anybody knows where i can get the shock and what do i do about this alignment problem now?
i dunno i fthis worked if so heres a pic


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