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VR4 vs. 80's RS camaro (yeah yeah) VR4 1--RS 0, dont know how many lengths, it was a chick driving

VR4 vs. mildly modded fox 5.0 VR4 2--Stang 0, again don't know how far, but it was several car lengths
VR4 vs. 3000GT SL VR4 3--N/A brethren 0. We lined up at a red light, no one went at first, at about 20mph I went a tad to see if he wanted to play, he bites, I wind out 1st, pull 3 or so lengths on him, then go to the middle of second or so, 55-60mph, he was pretty far back. Real nice guy though, I talked to him at the light, he knows about this site, he said he didn't have a name on here though. If you're reading this mr. SL, speak up! :D:D:D

Good race, btw!:)
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