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I purchased John Monnin's old 1g stealth (not from John but from the person he sold it to) which had one of the first 6g74 motor swaps in a 3s. He documented his swap very well, and his website is still up. You can see the original build here: 6G74 3.5L Engine Main Swap details!...JOHN MONNIN'S PERSONAL 3000GT/STEALTH FAQ

Since his build, the motor now has 60k miles on it. The car ran and drove fine when I bought it. I was actually impressed with the lower rpm torque.

About the motor
  • It's an actual JDM motor that John had imported
  • The motor has a forged crank, not all of them do
  • stock rods/pistons
  • Contains all the right brackets and bolt on parts to fit in a 3s. No need to hunt for parts like a lower intake manifold
  • Parts that needed modification have been modified. For instance the oil pan was notched, fittings were welded on the 6g74 coolant housing
  • Compression is consistent around 210-215psi
  • Oil pressure is good, even when warmed up
  • Includes Unorthadox Racing adjustable cam gears (rare to find nowadays and were almost $800 new)
  • Includes 15g turbos
  • Includes LW flywheel and clutch
  • It's a full longblock so all accessories are there, including A/C compressor. Car had working A/C too.
  • Rear exhaust manifold is tapped for an EGT gauge so I'm including the gauge with it
  • I believe it has 510cc injectors as well as a fuel gauge on the fuel rail
What it needs
  • due for a 60k. That being said timing belt still looks fine, no cracks or anything
  • One of the accessory pulleys squeals some.
  • turbos have a little side to side play. No in/out. They aren't blown, but IDK if I'd put them back in as-is considering how hard it is to remove a turbo in the car
  • Some brackets/heat shields need to be cleaned up from some surface rust.
  • If it were me I'd probably modify the oil pan a little more than John did. As is to put the transfercase on, the side cover of the case needs to be removed. He talks about it on his website and I confirmed I needed to remove the side cover to gain enough room to slide the transfercase off.
Looking for $2300 picked up near Burlington, VT. I have an engine hoist and can help load.

Video of it running here:


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