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For my 1995 3kgt sl, I bought those Hyper-White bulbs, I like the 9006's I got for my Lows, there made by StreetGlow, there okay, nice and White-ish, but not too much better on visability, there 85 watters.

I also got the 100watt Street Glow h3's for my Fogs, These lights I HATE ! Theres not even a noticable difference between the 100watt h3 streetglows and my stock $2.00 bulbs that are like 55watts. I hate them, a complete waste of $30.00., they dont even look white-blueish, they look diffused as hell. When driving I cant even tell there on.

I understand that the 2nd gen. 3000 fogs seem to have a diffuser in the glass somehow that seems to dissappate(sp?)
the light so its not a direct beam. theres a lens inside a lens, and It seems like nomatter what I put in there it looks like I just bought a SOFT white light bulb for my kitchen or something, there High wattage but still SOFT... Does this make any sense ??

I was going to ripp those damn fogs off and go w/ aftermarket Catz or something, but after "SEARCH" People really seem to LIKE the Stock fogs on the 3kgt's.

After all of this, my question is....
Is there an Aftermarket bulb/Brand that is REALLY bright for the Aux. Lights ?

I ran into Flo3000gt where I live and his h3's have aftermarket bulbs and they look SWEET !!! but He said he got them off the net, and were made in Japan, but didnt know the name of the manufacture, there really close in brightness to his Lowbeams, If not the same brightness, They were SWEEET....
i saw him driving at night w/ just his Aux. and parking, and it looked BADASS.

What do all of you'se use for Bulbs ?!? (Pictures?)

I want it to be bright like the Primary lighting, and I could care less about pissing these other drivers off that useally drive around here w/ there highbeams on anyways because 1 of there lows is burnt out and there too cheap to fix it.

thanks all.
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