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Unknown 3000GT VR4 :**
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Its been a while since i've raced my car, mostly cause of all the problems I've been having with it and because I know its running SLOW. Anyways, yesterday I went out and called a friend to have a test run with, so we did.

He has a crx, dont know which year (you can see a pic of the car here: PTYDRAG)

His mods are:

-Wheels 14 Front & 17 Back.
-Intake y Filter K&N
-Header OBX
-Clutch Stage 3
-Left Headlamp removed (better air intake entrance)
-OBX Bomb 3 Exhaust
-Front Strut Bar
-Rear Bar Trasera
-Low Tie Bar
-Drop Zone Coil Over
-Bosh Platinum Spark Plugs
-Castrol Oil
-Stripped Interior

We both run 95 octane gas, which is available at all gas stations. Dunno if this is concidered race gas in USA?

So we parted from 0 and I jumped about 3 Cars in front, and by the end of the 350m (it was nearly a 1/4 mile.. or maybe it was 400m) i was 3-4 cars in front. JUST 4 CARS?!!? :eek: is this right? Stock 9 psi? Even though I havent tested it, dont have a gauge.

from a roll, SLOW roll though, like 5 km/h (without reving, so i didnt have AWD advantage) he actually jumped in front all the way till I punched in 3rd i think and I pulled in front by just bearly a car.

WTF is wrong with my car? :eek: or is this right? it cant be! :(

im gonna go cry now :(

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uh....either someone has a turbo someone didn't tell you about, or someone has horrible driving skills. You don't even need driving skills for that race;)
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