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If i was to start buying 1992-1993 3000gt vr4's and did the full 1999 conversion on them, combat wing and all, would anyone actually interested buy them, not you in perticular but the general public. Im seriously thinking about doing this and want some imput.
Would you want the 94+ dash?
Would you want the 18" chromies?
The 6 speed transmission?
If it was exactly like a 1999 vr4 with all the tune up done and ready to go with around 100k what would you pay for it?
If i did this i would also polish/paint engine compartment and do the full tune up so it is set for 60k
Would leaving it a 5 speed, and same dash be ok?
Colors to be painted?
Would you want all basic bp done? (intake, exaust, boost)
I would like any information from everyone.
I am 18 years old with the knowlege, skill, tools, as well as the funds to do this.
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