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Hi everyone!

I wanted to start of by saying that I am new here and very happy to be part of the family!

So here is my thing,

A couple of months ago, me and my school friends saw a 3000GT SL 1998 that was abandonned in front of someones house, I knocked at the door and got the car for a really cheap steal. We didn't know what would run on it, but we have a dodge stealth 1995 that has been given to us by one of my friends parents ( We are at a mechanic school so we are trying to have fun learning since it has been hard for all of us during covid ). I could simply drive the dodge, but the mitsubishi has been my dream car ever since I was a kid and I really want to make it live!

Now my question is, aside from the interior, does every part fit? Like we don't really have the full time to open up the engine and diagnose everything, we were planning on putting the dodge engine in the mitsubishi. Would it be possible to simply swap the two subframes? thank you for your future kind responses guys/gals!

Any info on that matter is appreciated :) (both are automatic and DOHC 24)
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