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1994 VR4 asking $8,995

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There is a black 1994 VR4 in Clint NC at a dealership. The sticker is $8995. Thats all i know about it, just thought I'd throw it up here. Sounds like a good deal.
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*edit*, i mean he is will buy if the deal is right, all he needs is the number 2 call them, please mail it 2 him or me. I believe he PM'ed u anyway
can u give us the number or some way 2 reach them, u havent responded yet so i thought i would post 2 get ur attention. Thanx
how many miles? *waits for the 130k responce*
right town?

Are you sure it's Clint, North Carolina??
I searched the internet for that town, trying to find the dealership, and Clint doesn't seem to exist in NC. Anyway, ... damn that's a good price, I need to look into it. If you have the dealership #, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.

the cars

I am the one who told matt about the car there is also a green 92 VR4 for sale for 6995 both in NC reason we haven't givien any more info is because a friend of ours di93es on the board may be interested in one he just hasn't told us if he gonna try to get one or not yet.

And no it is not Clint NC matt just cannot hear right
Please let us know more about these cars!! [email protected]
maybe its clinton
wouldn't it be funny if..

There were a Clit, NC? haha
uh, yeah
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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