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hi guys. as you can guess this ISNT my car, but i CAN vouch for it. the owner is a monroe county sheriff and hes definatley a good guy who takes care of his stuff.

heres the details,

1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 BONE STOCK

DEEP BLUE (rare color)

LESS THAN 10K on 1997 motor installed last year.

17'' Spyder Chromies

New tires Less than 8k miles on em.

Charcoal leather, in great condition

body had 88K miles on it. (no dents or dings whatsoever, paint is in GREAT shape)

Tranny is smooth as butter.

1000mile transferable warrantee.

*being installed as we speak*
New brakes and rotors, new front struts

I Would buy this car TOMORROW if i could, however my job situation doesnt allow me to better myself :mad:
he is LISTING it for an amazing $15,000 dollars (insane for a vr-4 with 10k miles on a non lifter ticking engine, WITH a thousand mile warrantee.) negotiable!

i wont have pictures of the car till monday possibly.. (im going to take them this weekend, if not sooner)
email me if youre interested. [email protected] with your phone number, (he doesnt use his email)
and ill direct him to call you.
in case youre wondering.. i sold something of his on here a while ago, in like 4 hours after he told me about it, and he wants to see the vr-4 go to a good home.
you WONT be disappointed in this car. its amazing. i drool over it everytime i see it out when i go to bars in the city.
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I'm interested! Very Very Very!! Get me the VIN and I'll bring it to the Bank!! Let me know when you get the pics. How does it only have a 1,000 mile warrenty?? That would be gone in 2 weeks for me. 248-229-8362
94 Base

This car is sold.... to me!!!! :) :cool: Going to pick it up this weekend.
Congrats, let us know what you think about your new VR4!!!!:D
Will DO

I can do that, however I'm not picking it up until next weekend
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