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1994 Chevy Corsica

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I'm selling my 1994 Chevy Corsica so I can get a VR4, anyone that knows anybody who is looking for a first car, or a grandmother that needs a nice little 4 door 4 cyl - CALL ME! I need to get rid of this! It's very nice, always maint. A/C & Heat, dark blue. Asking $2900/bo & MUST GO! as soon as i sell this i can get a vr4!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!! email me [email protected]
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No one wants a nice chevy ??? what the dilly?
Considering this is a 3000 and Stealth board, you probably wont have many chevy shoppers stopping by. You're gonna want to put this on autotrader or ebay or something along those lines to have a better shot at finding a buyer.
Or you might wanna throw a 3000 TT engine inside her. You know, give her some UMPH. I'd def be interested is that Corsica had a nice blow off valve working with those turbos... :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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