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1993 VR-4 for Sale Very Rare

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Ok, I have made the decision to finally sell my car. I need something bigger to travel to and from school with, and something with a little more ground clearance.

I have a 1993 Sandstone Grey Metallic VR-4 for sale. I have come to realize, after speaking with Mike Reid (94TT...something), he is the person who has been deciphering thos VIN #'s lately. I gave him my vin #, and it turns out my car is 1 out of 57 VR-4's with the option packages I have. It also turns out that it is one of the last 3 manufactured for 1993, (I thought this was pretty interesting...thanks Mike) Anyway, so i guess I own a pretty rare car, go figure.

My car has now 67,800 miles, but soon to be 68k because I have to go home for thanksgiving. I have every single service record from 1993 for the car, the 60k mile service has been completed. I just put a new set of Dunlop SP5000's on the car (245/45/17). They have about 1000 miles on them. Never in an paint work done, no wear on the drivers seat (surprising huh), seats feel brand new.

The only modification that I have done is the 99 Reverse Trim panel, with the two large reverse lights and the black plastic ridges in between the tailights. It looks really great, much better than the stock "Mitsubishi" one.

The car has every factory option...including chrome wheels, grey leather interior, removable moonroof, 6 CD changer, and the integrated phone and speaker in the car, (Yes I still have the phone holder and all the wiring from 1993..phones back then were real big i guess).

The car is washed every single week, and when I am home it is waxed and buffed, (I work at a BMW/Mercedes dealership, the detail guys there are really good).

I am sorry to say that the two front chrome wheels do have some pitting, but really only noticeable on one. The rear wheels are perfect.

The car has never been smoked in. I can't really think of anything else to say about the car. Oh has Lo Jack, so if the car is ever stolen, it can be recovered by satellite. I have the original window sticker and brochure. I have everything for the car.

My asking price is between $12,500-$13,000 but I am flexible. I want to sell to someone here first, if thats not possible I will try and sell in the paper. But this car could be very awesome for someone with a little extra cash to modify it. The car still has a lot of life left in it, turbos spool perfectly. Anyway, i will say again, I am flexible on price, although not $3000 flexible like someone asked. Please if you are me [email protected]

Oil has been changed every 3000 miles with mobil 1..and 93 octane gas always used. Car is babied.

I'm sorry I do not have any pictures on the computer yet but I will get some over thanksgiving. If anyone would like to come and look at the car upstate...i'll be here till the 20th and on Long Island from the 20th till the 25th. So if someone wants to come check it out and vouch for it, they can. Thanks for reading the long post, sorry.
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If you want to contact me on AIM, my name is Shlabachey, again I am flexible on the price.
Come on guys...this car is sure someone is in the market for a low mileage 93 VR-4
DO you have any pictures of it? Maybe that'll help people?
Yeah, I know it would definitely help people...but I do not have access to a digital camera until I go home for thanksgiving break...all of my pictures are physical pictures none are on the computer..
Ok, the pictures that I had, i just scanned, they did not scan in the greatest quality or size, but this is all i have for now, please bear with me!!

Go to this website to see them:
thats a damn nice looking car man. Too bad I cant get my vr-4 untill next summer. The fact that I live in Orlando FL could be a problem for you anyway.

Good luck on getting her sold:)
hey thanx...getting it to florida is not a problem, i sold my last vr-4 to california...anyway thanx for the compliment
::drool:: My favorite color. Sorry, I just like the Stealth body too much. Otherwise that car would be MINE!

- Brad
92 Pearl White R/T
Gaaaawwwwwdd thats a gorgeous car.. it looks perfect!! look how shiny! that is my favorite color for the VR4s too! either that or silver.. or pearl white.. or black.. dammit i love them all!

are the windows tinted? i cant really tell.. and is it stock or modified?? btw how far upstate are you? do you know where westchester is? or are you close to canada? either way i might be able to have people check it out.. and are you in a mad rush to sell it? or can you wait until say.. April??
The windows are not tinted...but it is something I have wanted to will only cost me $125. The car is not modified at all, just as I said, it has the 99' Reverse Trim Panel.

In regards to how far upstate I am...I am directly in between Syracuse and Binghamton, but my permanent residence is on Long Island. So if anyone knows somone on Long Island or near me while I am at school, feel free to contact me and test drive and/or look at it. If this helps, I am 2.5 hours due west of Albany, I am right off of Route 81, you could also take route 17. I am not in a mad rush, but I did not want to take the car back to school in the winter, so I might want to take it off the road and store it, if someone wanted to buy it in the spring time. I don;t think that the VR-4 can handle a couple of feet of snow, I dont want her to experience that.

If anyone is coming to look at it...let me know before hand so I can wash the car!!!!

Thanks for the compliments on the car everyone...
Ok, well I have a couple offers on the car for $12,000- this is my rock bottom price...if anyone is interested at $12,000 please let me know ASAP so we can make an appointment for you to come look at the car. I have someone looking at it over thanksgiving...please let me know, i want one of us to get this car.
mustangs suck, you always want every friggen car and never seem to ever be remotely serious about buying..sorry its just annoying to me
that's too bad a few words on a message board can annoy you.

did i ask for him to do anything for me in regards to the car? no.. so shut your face.

i'm want to give me 12k so i can buy the car that i do want? i'd appreciate it...and then i'd stop "annoying" you...sounds like a good plan.
If i was gonna give you 12k where id put it wouldn't be in your hand...
phew that's good...didn't think you'd like to drive from maryland to wisconsin to place the cash in my mailbox should suffice though, and that'll save you a trip..

....i dont know wether to laugh or flame you :mad:
Thx for saying that in so many words stevek :) i like to be more crude i suppose :(
yea, but recognize that everytime someone posts a reply, this post goes to the top of the lists, therefore, hes aiding the guy in selling it.

BTW, keep that car until summer, and I'll probably buy it, looks real sweet, I live in Colorado, and I need something other than my RWD camaro.


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