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1993 TT RX-7 - Auto - Anyone know about these cars?

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I am actually looking at one right now. It is a 93 w/61k, Automatic, Spoiler, Leather and sunroof. They are asking 14,995.

Is this worth it? What can you guys tell me about this car? How fast are they in the 1/4 mile stock? Are they expensive to fix? If you were me, would you trade my car, with the mods listed below and 84k miles, in for the RX-7? Any help would be appreciated.

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WickedDrew is your man. He is great with cars and he owns 2 RX7's.
Just a few facts before lunch time...I'm sure someone will post a novel on these cars.

The rotary engine needs constant care to keep it running good and reliable. I don't mean maintenance, but routine checkups and such, they naturally are made to consume oil so...Change oil frequently, top off fluids, watch temps. The last gen rexes had some cooling issues, you've gotta keep that rotary cool, just a tiny bit of detonation will kill that engine. They are pretty quick and handle well. They take to simple mods VERY well (exhaust, intake, BC, cooling). All stokc in the auto you'll turn low 14s and maybe high 13s depending on conditions.

Parts are kind of pricey, but rotary engines are generally pretty inexpensive to replace. When you look at 2400 for a jspec 6g72 turbo and think its cheap, rotaries usally are in the 1200-1500 range. It IS hard to find places that do work on them though.

those are just some fun facts!

EDIT: '93 had some electrical problems (recalls maybe) I beleive and the cooling issues were most prevalent in that year...
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whitetiger7654 said:
WickedDrew is your man. He is great with cars and he owns 2 RX7's.
2nd gen rexes...3rd gen are a whole new ball game
Thanks for your help JagdStealth. So do you think it is worth it?
read the late thread (here) about some guy trying to sell his RX7. you'll learn a LOT fr that thread =)
First dont buy aquamonsters car lol

I know a little about the car, from hearing my friend talk about them. The first thing you need to do is replace the radiator and a couple other things. This will help keep the car much more reliable and things you have to do if you plan on modding it at all. The auto-matics isn't a very strong one from what I've read. Try getting a manual if you can find one. As far as if its a good car, yes its a very good car with great handling and speed. They usually dominate the Auto-x around here. Simple engines, but they aren't reliable, some people say they don't change their oil and that they just continue to fill it back up when it gets low.

ShawnE94sL said:
Thanks for your help JagdStealth. So do you think it is worth it?
I had tossed around the idea of buying an RX7, but it just wasn't worth it in my financial situation (which isnt bad at all). If I was making 80k+ year and had a nice beater (like an NA 3kGT or something) then I might buy one. They are very responsive and very light cars with some high revving action (Remove the limiter and you can run them WAY up there with some proper mods). They are very simple cars and pretty easy to work on (if you know your way around a rotary). nice looking and they handle great.

The reason I wouldn't buy one without some good money is the maintenance nightmare it could be. The cooling issues are not a big deal to the naked eye, but with high miles (50-60k) it starts to become an issue. Turbos only make that worse since they are blowing hot air back into the system....

I guess a better way to put it is. It's like owning a formula one car. It is a very efficient well designed engine that produces amazing amounts of power for its size, but it is vry tempermental. It needs a sharp eye to look after it. You can't jsut throw on a boost controller, fill 'er up and change the oil every 3000miles. It's more like, spend money to build up the cooling, THEN throw on a couple of mods, save up $2000 for a new engine, change the oil every 1500 miles (or at least check it a couple times a week) and generally take good care of it...

If your a car nut, it'll be fun. If you want a fun car that is also reliable, I'd look elsewhere...

Darktrail is right, the Auto trannys will handle stock and BPU mods okay, but if you abuse it or throw some big mods on it, they aren't that strong.
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I was only going to put on BPU anyway. I am not looking for a car in the 10 second range. I was more so looking for a car that will get me in the 13's. Anything is better then my car now for speed.

Would you drive this car as an everyday car?
ShawnE94sL said:
Would you drive this car as an everyday car?
Unless your commute is a light 3-5 miles I would keep it as a weekend/fun car and have a reliable backup for the rest of the time.
why would you want an Auto sports car? i understand if its a sedan and all..but sports car and auto is a weird combination IMO. no offense to the auto owner on this board :)
Auto, Stick, whatever. I have driven an Auto and Manual SL, there's not that big of a difference, really. A car like an RX-7, I could care less if it was a manual or an Auto. It is a good price, and a nice car. If I was buying a brand new sports car, I would buy a stick.
The price is a little high. Check the FOR SALE section on the RX7 board for comparison.
Personally I love these cars but they are a summer only vehicle which I cannot afford. The stock autos are a little slow but there are RX7s running 11s on stock turbos and the basic mods are not very expensive. Go for it.
Auto 93-97 RX-7's run high 14's to low 15's. Don't get'll kick yourself in the butt later for not getting a manual.
Trevor's right. The automatics only put down about 175HP to the ground, and they weigh 2900lbs, so expect times similar to a n/a 3/S, only with <20mpg. The autos also have a shitty rear gear ratio (3.90 as opposed to 4.10 in the 5spd), wider trans gear ratios, and a lower redline.

The price is too high. You can find ones with new engines for around 12K or even less if you get lucky.

They (93-95 rx7's) had paint trouble, electrical problems, engine fires from a faulty fuel fitting, overheating problems, oil delivery problems, brittle apex seals, poor auto trannies, suspensions that fall apart, and turbo problems.

I'd buy one if I had a great deal on one, but I'd make sure I had an extra car first, and I sure as hell wouldn't take any trips in it.
auto and stick would not matter of course in a straight line acceleration..nobody shifts faster than a computer.

but my personal opinion is that the strenght of the FD is not only in the power department but the ability of the car to handle like no other japanese super car. not unlocking that ability is like blasphemy or something. just my personal opinion though. go to a local auto-x event and talk to the owners and see those car run..pretty crazy :)
Sorry, but auto or stick DOES matter in acceleration.

#1 RX7's have a narrow powerband and no low end power, and the auto only has 3 gears useable during acceleration, versus the 5sp's 4 useable gears, so there is more of an rpm drop between shifts with an auto trans.

#2 Autos redline 1000rpm sooner than 5spd's.

#3 Autos lose more power to the transaxle, therefore putting less HP to the ground.

#4 Autos are heavier.

#5 Autos have 3.90 differential gear ratios, versus 4.10 in a 5spd.

In a car with a flat torque curve like an LS1, auto trannies work great, but auto RX7's are DOGS.
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I went on the RX7 site to see about the reliability of the auto, and the performance. Could not run a topic search because I am not a member but I did find that a number of the auto people are converting their cars to manual which is not a very good sign. Also the 7s on are almost all manual T cars so I can't help with how much of a liability the auto would be but breakage might be one reason so few are raced. Level 10 makes mods for the RX7 tranny so I would not worry about having a 15 second TT but the fact people are spending upwards of $3000 to cnvert to manual is spooky. If I were you I would sign up for the RX7 board and post about whether or not you should by this a/t car. If you don't give them a lot of extraneous details you should get some straight answers. The price is not great so if you don't get this one it's not like there won't be a better deal somewhere else. Better an auto TT then no TT at all but I have heard the newer the better with these cars, not so much because of wear but for minor improvements that took place throughout the model run. Not a lot of 94s for sale though.
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