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First and foremost, only 99 goodie I have is a driver headlight that needs repair. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty

1999 3000GT and 1993 Stealth for Partout

Location: Connecticut

Shipment available for most items

Check out my eBay stores here! All forum members get 10 percent off Just use codeword 3KPT

Auto and manual cars

Tons of good parts left

Good rims

Willing to ship anything

I will be responsible for shipping items under 150 pounds anything above 150 pounds up to the buyer to take care of shipment.

Currently running deals on a few things

350 shipped for true black dashboards (complete with wiring , HVAC, airbag)

Driver Tan door card with upper black trim-80 shipped

150 shipped on hoop spoilers

40picked up for hoods

150 shipped for cast crankshaft

175 picked up for SOHC engine

500 shipped or 350 picked up for MTX FWD transmission

Discounts on shipping available if bought from east coast member

Sets of rims available for 100 set picked up

Deep discounts:

Sail panels 91-98 style shipped for 30 a set

Mirrors shipped for 30 set

FWD Calipers shipped for 60 for all 4

Alternators shipped for 30 each

Starters shipped for 25 each


Heavy discounts available to people who pickup in Connecticut
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