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I'm looking into selling my 91 stealth twin turbo.
Red with black interior
150k miles

Starts and drives fine but needs work.

Original Turbos but in good condition.

Work Needed:
Digital Climate Display not working
Left Rear View Mirror Cracked
Need new Tires - 18 Inch Aftermarket Wheels, scratched on rear passenger side
Valve Seals could probably use replacing
ECS hasn't worked in a while

Parts Added:
Meth Injection
Dual Exhaust (forget name, but its the popular one with the down pipe added, been a while since I bought it)
560cc Injectors
Upgraded Fuel pump with hotwire
MAFT pro
3.0 Inch GM MAF
ECM was rebuilt before I bought it

I'm looking for $2.5k to $3k. Am I better off parting it out?

I can post pictures later, at work just gauging interest.
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