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1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo

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Hey all! Check out my Stealth that has made it onto Bring a Trailer.
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I saw it 2 days ago (or maybe yesterday).
Congrats, I think you're already doing as well or better than some of the 3000gt's they've had on there.
Not too sure I've seen many Pearl White 91 TT's with tan interior :)

Good luck with the last bid!

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Me thinking out loud: I would have replaced the floor mats with originals, ditched the a-pillar gauges, and put stock air box on. Buyers seem to favor originality on our cars like others.
Hard to find original floor mats, unless you kept them wrapped for years.
I agree on the A-pillar pod, although I had a single in my 92TT for Oil Pressure only.
If I had the stock air box, I would add it into the auction, but I think the K&N FIPK (pretty pricey, ask me how I know?) is ok.

Just my .02

Very true. I happen to have Stealth Charcoal, Red and Cream NIB. Still hunting for '96 Black and Beige 😁. I have a bit of a floor mat fetish.
Hey Zack!

Wouldn't happen to have grey 3000GT ones for sale? (I would really like SpyderVR4 mats, as the new set I bought years ago, the material on the bottom is starting to disintegrate (the tops are actually still fairly new)).

Bob. :)
You better come over and see me sometime, or I will seek you out ;)


Are you doing OK?

I have been driving mine for the last month or so. (FULLY registered :) )
My driveway is empty, and I'm pretty sure the Clayton "guardians" will not bother you if you park there.. lol

Better bring a MASK! (I kid, but shit is getting REAL)...
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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