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15" BBS Moda Wheels for base Stealth

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I have a set of 15 inch BBS Moda wheels in excellent shape taken off my wife's 1992 base model Stealth. We used the factory wheels for winter tires and these for summer. Obviously, they don't fit my TT. They are silver with clearcoat, balck centers with Moda on them, lifetime tire valves. If you look at a Tire Rack ad, they look like the Moda M1. If you are interested, I will send you a ZIP file of each wheel and some closeups. NONE of the wheels are bent. Two have either a scratch or stone chip on them, two are just about perfect. The tires are shot, so I will have them dismounted and recycled before I ship the wheels. $400.00 plus shipping. Will accept USPS M.O. or PayPal with the addition of the 2% PayPal premium. Please - email ONLY as I don't get a chance to check the group very frequently. If anybody knows what other cars these wheels might fit, please let me know. I heard Colts and Galants with the 15 inch wheel package but The Tire Rack, from whom I purchased these, said that they wouldn't help me out with that information even though they promised to do so when I bought the wheels new. Figures. Thanks. [email protected]
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