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1 million mile truck & oil changes

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just read an article about a dude who put 1,000,000 miles, 1609347km, on his 95 pickup. the guy delivered a daily business paper to four states putting 795 miles on the truck a day. the article goes on to say he was a stickler about taking care of his stuff. he changed the trucks oil every 3,000 miles which in this case meant driving to the lube shop - get this - every four days. ...interesting.... oh yeah forgot- they broke the engine down and said it had wear equivalent to 80,000 miles
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Any idea what the make of the truck was??
He drove eigh hundred miles a day? Even in Montana, observing the speed limit and making no stops still means almost an eleven hour day. Sounds a little bogus.

Anyway, nice to see possible proof that oil changes matter.
truck was a Chevy can't tell make. looking at a picture shows 2500 on some door trim. looks like a midsize. he went through 8 sets of tires and two transmissions
here is the article from the houston chron oct 20th.


EVERY workday, Bill White climbs in his Chevy truck and goes for a ride.

A long ride.

He leaves his home in Georgia just after 5 p.m. and heads over to South Carolina to pick up a few thousand copies of the Investor's Business Daily. He piles the bundles into the bed of his white pickup , delivers them to a handful of cities in North Carolina and Tennessee and then heads home. When White pulls into his driveway at about 6 a.m., his odometer has another 795 miles on it.

The road warrior from Lawrenceville, Ga., has rolled up more than a million miles on one engine, a feat so rare that when Pennzoil-Quaker State Co. caught wind of it, the Houston-based company gave him a brand new truck in exchange for his old one.

Pennzoil then hauled White's old Chevy to The Woodlands, where scientists are studying every piston and valve to learn how it lasted so long.

"When we heard about this, we thought it must be a joke," said Jeff Hsu, one of Pennzoil's senior research engineers. "For a gasoline engine to go a million miles is almost unheard of."

The company will also try to figure out if White's faithful use of Pennzoil motor oil had anything to do with the truck's longevity. The company isn't making any claims just yet, but White is confident his oil played some role.

"I've always used Pennzoil, and I've always had good service with it," White said shortly before starting on another one of his four-state journeys. "If I find something that works, I stick with it."

In a disposable world of disposable razors, electronics and the other debris of our consumer culture, White is a throwback. He's a stickler about taking care of his stuff, especially his beloved truck. He changes the truck's oil every 3 ,000 miles. In his case, that means driving to the local Lube 3000 shop every four days.

The mechanics watched in astonishment as Chevy piled up miles, cruising right past 500,000 and eventually reaching the million -mile mark. White burned through eight sets of tires and two transmissions, but his original engine still ran like a top.

"I've never seen a car or a truck with a million miles on it before," said Al Holloway, who's changed White's oil for the past four years. "The closest thing was his brother, who had a '95 Ford truck with 300,000 or 400,000 miles on it, but that's it."

White figured the Chevy suits in Detroit would love to take a story like his and make a commercial about it. If ever a truck earned the description Like a Rock, this was it.

"I thought it'd be good advertising for them," the 36-year-old White said. "But they weren't interested."

White didn't know the mechanics at Lube 3000 had called up the local Pennzoil representative to tell him about the million -mile truck. The rep called the home office, and Pennzoil wasted little time before offering to swap a new $30,000 truck for his old pickup .

After checking his story out - Pennzoil calculated White's daily mileage over five years to make sure it totaled a million miles - the company offered him a new Chevy 2500 in exchange for his 1995 model. White readily accepted, although he was somewhat surprised by the offer.

"I never really thought about Pennzoil being interested in my truck," White said.

Pennzoil was interested enough to haul the white pickup back to the company's research and development center in The Woodlands. On Wednesday morning, the researchers lifted the engine out of the pickup and started breaking it down piece by piece.

"It is in phenomenal shape. It looks like it has 80,000 miles on it," Mark Ferner, Pennzoil's manager of mechanical development, marveled as he examined the truck's exposed innards.

There was a small oil leak where one gasket had baked down. Otherwise, it was amazingly clean and looked ready to rumble out for more trips through the Carolinas and Georgia pines.

"We'd like to think the quality of Pennzoil stands out, but the more important thing is he changed his oil every 3 ,000 miles," Pennzoil spokesman Ray Scippa said.

The condition of the rest of White's truck is just as impressive. There's hardly a scratch or a dent to be found. White put a towel on the seat before he went anywhere. He swept out the floorboards with a little whisk broom whenever he stopped for gas.

"Growing up, money was tight. You had to take care of your things if you wanted to have anything," he said. "I still have toys from when I was a kid. They're almost like new."

After the scientists finish examining the engine, Pennzoil is going to turn the truck over to an artist, who will transform it into an art car - one of the elaborately decorated machines that cruise downtown Houston during the annual Art Car Parade, which is sponsored by Pennzoil.

White's not too sure how he feels about all this.

"I have no idea what to think. It's hard to picture anyone else driving that truck," he said wistfully. "I sort of miss it."
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i live 5 miles from lawrenceville, ga
><i>Pennzoil then hauled White's old Chevy to The Woodlands, where scientists are studying every piston and valve to learn how it lasted so long.</i>

Next on the list - Chevy is going to buy it, strip it down, examine how it lasted a million miles, and then modify the production line to make sure no other truck ever lasts that long again. Bad for business, don't you know.

There is the famous story of Henry Ford sending his boys out all over America, to look at the Model Ts in all the junkyards, and see why it was that they ended up there. The reports indicated that the kingpin was the one thing that *never* went wrong on any Model T. Ford immediately ordered that kingpins be manufactured to lower standards.
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