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1/8th mile times for N/A's

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Ok, I'm not too familiar with the N/A's and know little about about the twin turbos....but the posts about the N/A's doing 150+ mph I find to be a little far fetched. The DOHC's I'd say 150 would be possible, it would just take a long time. The SOHC's doing anything above 130 - 135 seems impossible to me. Don't the SOHC's ahve 160hp, and weigh 3,200 plus pounds? I know they're somewhat aerodynamic, but 155mph as quoted by someone with a SOHC seems flat out impossible to me, unless he's got an amazing amount or mods. So what kind of times do the N/A's run in the 1/8th mile, and 1/4th mile stock? I'm guessing mid-low 15's for the DOHC and low-mid 16's for the SOHC in the 1/4th, is that about right? Oh, and I'm assuming all the times will be for manual trannies, if they're auto please say so. Thanks.

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Actually with a good driver and a manual trans, the base(3000GT)/ES can run mid-high 14's (as proven by WICKEDDREW and some other guys who have run 14.7s, drew ran a 14.4 *correct me if I'm wrong* with his only mod being a K&N, figure it adds 5 horsepower, so he could have ran a 14.5-6 stock.).. as for the SOHC, I haven't really seen any quarter mile times from them, but i'd say high 15's wouldn't be too hard to hit. They may have less horsepower, but I don't think they weigh 3200.. I think it's around 3000 maybe. The SOHCs have one thing that helps them a lot, and that's the torque. People have said that from 0-60 the SOHC keeps up with the DOHC despite the 60 hp difference, but after that the DOHC walks away... needless to say I believe that both cars could get up to 150.. the DOHC getting there much quicker I'm sure.. the gearing and power is there. And if you don't believe the people who have stated they've gotten 150 in their N/As, then that's your problem :rolleyes:
yeah.. 5-speed DOHC non-turbos have been known to run mid-14's with a good driver...

... I've gotten to 155mph in my DOHC non-turbo.. let's see your Neon do that :eek:
Huey ran a 14.7 stock, Joe ran a 14.9 stock, and I ran a 14.9 @93. With a K&N and gutted cat I ran a [email protected] My 1/8 mile time is a 9.3 @ 77 with a horrible 2.19 60 foot. Top speed is affected by horsepower, aerodynamics, and gearing. The gearing is different on the n/a and TT's and the amount of horsepower that gets to the wheels is relatively more in a FWD than a AWD because f drivetrain loss, so the tops speed is closer than you would think.
my sohc easily does over 135, well i dunno how easy, but she'll go to 140

i seen it!
Question: are you measuring your speeds by what the speedometer says? If so, might want to knock like, 10mph off that just in case. You all know the speedos are off at high speeds on these cars
not unless they are GPS verified.. like Stephen..
I think the whole thing about the speedos being off at high speeds is just an urban legend that everyone accepts as fact. (i'm talking 10mph off, 1-3 mph doesn't really matter in this case) Unless you have proof that it's common that the speedos are +/- 10 mph off then I think it's just what some guy said and everyone believed :rolleyes:
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