This page provides 3000GT and Stealth owners with tips and tricks for the DIY jobs.
From regular maintenance to some not so regular modifications.


John Adam's Garage
Tips and Tricks
Including moving snake-eyes, custom foglights, more active aero repairs
     Custom wood panel compartment covers and MUCH MUCH MORE!)     

1st Gen Snake Eyes modification

The custom RamAir Modification

Recommended Fluids

Bleeder Valve Mod

Active Aero Repairs

Sun Roof Noise Reduction Ideas

Removing the Resonator Bottle

General car care tips

Staged modifications

DYI: Bleeding Your Brakes

Speed Accuracy Information

AutoCross Do's and don'ts

12 steps to changing your Transmission fluid

TurboZet Installation with Pictures

Keyless Remote

 Raise Strut Covers (1st Gen only)

The 60k tune up!

If you have a unique or practical tip or trick, please submit it to Tips-and-Tricks.

The information here is taken from various web sites and conversations on the Starnet/Dragnet email lists and is to be used at your own risk!


 Coming soon:

Drag strip-launching techniques

And whatever else you throw at us!


FUTURE: This page will be updated regularly for topics of FAQ's and unique ideas that catch on.


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