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  1. Cars Wanted
    I'm looking to buy a 99 vr4. Roll or run, I will take a look. If anyone has a lead, please email me: [email protected] Subject:VR4
  2. Cars Wanted
    I'm in the market for another vr4 specifically a 93 or a 97 with glasstop or sunroof in any color except green or yellow I love these cars and want it to enjoy not a no-mileage garage queen. Prefer to stay under $15k, I know there's lots of deals to be had out there and don't need any negative...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Don't really have a specific kit in mind. I need one so send your used set up. Preferably the whole kit not really wanting to buy pieces or replace stuff/ make a Frankenstein set up. Thank you!
  4. Parts Wanted
    EDIT: I have decided to use the 92+ crankshaft and just replace the PS pump. Thanks for all the replies. Hello! I have a 1991 3000gt SL. I need a crankshaft pulley, as when the car was being maintenanced and getting the timing belt and water pump done, it broke. The mechanic servicing the car...
  5. Parts Wanted
    I own 92' GTO VR4 and looking for 2nd Gen VR4 rear calipers (preferably Mitsubishi). Looking to upgrade brakes as maintenance is due soon and from my understanding, front 1st/2nd gen are pretty much the same(?) - (please correct me if I'm wrong). Feel free to PM serious inquiries/suggestions.
  6. Parts Wanted
    As title states looking for 2nd gen turn signals. Will consider both amber and clear. Looking for something that isn't beat up, but if it's cheap enough I'll consider it! Shoot a message with prices and some pictures. Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results