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  1. 3000gt Door Shave Wiring Kit Suggestions?

    Hey friends, I recently bought a 92 vr4 with shaved doors but no kit installed. I'm trying to find a good door popper wiring kit that someone in this platform has used already.. Asked on the Facebook groups and got no feedback.. I'm sure SOMEONE here has done the door shave kit and all so if...
  2. Adapting an AEM EMS from 1g to 2g wiring with same powertrain

    Engine - Turbo
    I started a project about 2 years ago to transfer my engine and upgrades from my rusting '91 to a Florida driven '95 and the end is finally in sight! I intend to use my AEM EMS in the 95, but I know that the wiring harnesses are different between the 2 cars. My car is running speed density (no...
  3. Please Help: 3SX Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit

    Engine - Turbo
    Hey guys and gals, 1993 VR-4 here. I had my fuel pump started sounding like it was pumping gravel then quit. I bought the Walbro 255 pump and hardwire kit from 3SX because I read the 255 would do ok with stock fuel system(and it was only like $25 more than a Denso off of Rock Auto). I am...