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  1. Parts Wanted
    Exactly as title says. Located in 95111. Prefer pickup anywhere in Bay-Area.
  2. Miscellaneous
    The regulator recently gave out so the window gets stuck halfway on my 94 base, is there a way to physically pull up the window and keep it shut until the new regulator comes in?
  3. General
    Hi, my 3000gt is finally coming together but I am at a bit of a hiccup. The window regulator has finally gone out on my passengers side and needs to either be replaced or fixed however preferably I would choose to replace it. I have looked across many forums and I am kinda shocked about how...
  4. Parts Wanted
    My 99 3k SL transmission is slipping, had it rebuilt once and doing it again. I am based in Houston but if someone can give me a good price then can ship it too. Also need a driver side window regulator in case someone has one. Thanks
  5. Parts for Sale
    So turns out i got the weong one for my 99, looking to trade for the later version or just sell it to someone that needs it. Ill do $55 plus ship
  6. General
    Hey guys, so my driver side window fell straight down a few days ago & the wire that is in the regulator snapped out. I went to the junk yard & found a 96 regulator & brought it home. Just took out my broken regulator (on my 1999) to replace but they don’t match up. The bottom metal part is...
1-6 of 6 Results