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  1. New Owner Questions
    As I have gotten more familiar with the 3000gt and the rebuild side of vehicles, I started to realize some things about my specific 3000gt that I am definitely going to need help with in the near future. When I bought the car it was listed as a 95' body with a 92' engine in it. Come to realize...
  2. New Owner Questions
    The three pictures I attached show some of the items I need to purchase in order to continue restoring the exterior of the 3000gt. Pictures 1 and 2 show the white clips i need to purchase to reinstall the rear windshield plastic piece. If anyone could link me to a website that sell these clips...
  3. Engine - Turbo
    Before I tear this thing down and see what it ends up being, I want people to let me know what they think it is. I will also follow up when I find out. This is the car and watch the video for the sound.
  4. Cars For Sale
    1993 VR-4, Black. Extensive rebuild/upgrades at 172k Miles in 2012, currently at 191k. Only two owners, current owner has had since 1997. Drivers side scrape, scratches only, no major accidents. Mechanically, nearly all the car has less than 22k miles since the major refresh as it has been...
  5. solid motor mount

    I made solid motor mounts for all mounts and transmission mount out of prothane polyurethans two part compound. with 80a shore hardness the vibration is nearly non existant.
  6. The end

    Done with the rebuild more upgrades plus a thorough cleaning when summer comes.
  7. The beginning

    Tear down complete. Two bearings were dust and throughout the engine as suspected so the block was taken care of. Bought the new crank, oil pump, and just about everything you could throw at it.
  8. The beginning

    Tear down continues with LOTS of work left.
1-8 of 8 Results