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  1. RWD Drive Conversion

    I recently bought a 91 3000GT VR4, and the first thing I want to do is convert it to RWD. Looking for the solution that will give me the absolute least power loss possible. I've thought about just welding the spider gears, so that if there's any mechanical issues I can reverse it by getting new...
  2. Engine knock and Transmission problems

    So I've had my 94 3000gt SL for about 3 years now and I've recently re sealed my engine and had my transmission swapped out. When I put my engine back in and installed the trans, I took it out for a test drive and my oil pressure dropped down to zero and shortly after my engine started to knock...
  3. Driver’s side intermediate shaft

    Hey everyone, I had a buddy help me do my CV axles and unfortunately he messed up the mount for the intermediate shaft on the driver’s side (pics attached.) Is there any way to just replace this seal, or do I have to replace the whole shaft+mount? It is out of a ‘95 VR4. Thanks
  4. Transmission rebuild

    Hey so I just finished rebuilding my transmission, but haven’t installed it yet I feel like I’m missing something on the top cover,( housing furthest away from bell) there is a hole next to the transmission mount. I don’t know if anything goes in it or not it doesn’t appear to be threaded for a...
  5. 96 3000gt sl, speedo went to 0 while cruising and clutch doesnt do anything

    A few months back i had the oem clutch go out after 123k miles, so i decided to upgrade and go for a stage 1 south bend clutch kit and new oem flywheel. ive broken it in and i havent had any problems since, until today. i was crusing, 50mph, 5th gear, and all of a sudden the speedo goes to 0 and...
  6. 5 Speed Performance Rebuild

    Wanted to test this out and try out the new editor! Hope you enjoy! 300M Output shaft New OEM Synchros New Seals New Bearings Fully cleaned All bearing pre-loads reset New 1/2 Hub and Slider New shifter bushing block New fill and drain plugs Fully rebuilt transfer case Additional...
  7. 5 speed awd transmission 2

    5 speed awd transmission 2

  8. 6 speed jdm transmission

    6 speed jdm transmission

    I replaced the output shaft when i got it If anybodys going to do a 6 speed conversion to a 1st gen 3s make sure u get a 6 speed from japan cause if u get one from U.S. you need to get a rear end from a 94+ U.S. 3s also. The drive gear is different and the japan versions kept the same rear end f
  9. 5 speed awd transmission

    5 speed awd transmission