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  1. General
    I have a trans fluid leak I have no no clue where it's coming from other than its running down the plastic shield behind the wheel , I thought it was something from the trans because I have had to top the fluid off but then I ended up running my power steering dry, no fluid at all, I topped that...
  2. All Wheel Drive - DriveTrain
    What else should I buy and replace while I’m replacing the clutch in my 91 5speed transmission. I already have the clutch, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, input shaft bearing, and rear main seal…
  3. Engine - Non-Turbo
    Okay so like 2 weeks ago I put new engine mounts And changed the transmission oil on my 94 gt then I don’t know what I did wrong because that somehow affected my 5th and reversed gear but not 1,2,3,4 those are smooth but 5th is like blocked from some reason and I have to fight to put it in...
  4. Advanced Technical Discussions
    So my 5 speed for my 92 vr-4 is destroyed. If I wanted to replace it with the 6 speed from say a 99 would it bolt right up or take a lot of modding?
  5. All Wheel Drive - DriveTrain
    I’ve got a 95 vr4 with the 6 speed. I just did a full build and trans rebuild and put the trans and engine back together. Upon doing so, I found that one of the bell housing bolt holes has been stripped out and the bolt will not catch the threads. Has anyone drilled and retapped one of these...
  6. General
    Hi All, Today might be the last day I drive my '95 VR4 for a long while. There has been a very loud and noticeable grinding noise coming from the transmission (when in gear or in neutral with the clutch let out) ever since I got the car, and it goes away whenever I press in the clutch, which...
1-6 of 6 Results