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  1. Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    I've been looking at getting some coilovers and potentially a big brake kit down the line, Tein's are only available for the VR-4 and same goes with most of the good big brake kits. My question is what's the difference in those respective parts compared to an SL? In theory could I still use...
  2. General
    Hello all, Ive been a part of the 3/S scene for a bit. Always wanted to put a 3.8L 6G75 MIVEC into my VR4 just because I like building things. I started a few months ago and in between my free time I've worked on it when i can. There's a few other people on the Facebook group also doing it as...
  3. New Owner Questions
    Hi everyone! I wanted to start of by saying that I am new here and very happy to be part of the family! So here is my thing, A couple of months ago, me and my school friends saw a 3000GT SL 1998 that was abandonned in front of someones house, I knocked at the door and got the car for a...
  4. Parts Wanted
    ive got a 94 SL that im looking to tt swap and need to source a 4 bolt tt motor
  5. Parts for Sale
    Hey everyone I'm trying to get my SL back on the road and have been losing motivation within the research process. What I'm considering is a 6G72t or a 6G74. Currently my block lost compression in a couple cylinders and the car has been sitting for over a year and I'm really itching to get...
  6. Advanced Technical Discussions
    So my 5 speed for my 92 vr-4 is destroyed. If I wanted to replace it with the 6 speed from say a 99 would it bolt right up or take a lot of modding?
  7. New Owner Questions
    Hey all, I've just bought a 91 SL and I love it! I am however wanting to switch the spoiler over to the loop style of the later years. Is this difficult? Will I have to drill any extra holes per fill any in at all (besides the middle pillar holes on the old one) if you guys could let me know...
1-7 of 7 Results