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  1. 97 base SOHC lowering springs?

    Tires,Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    Are there any lowering springs that I can get for my car? All the ones I seem to find online are for the ECS suspension. I have read about the KYB struts to convert to non-ECS, but would those fit on my car? "KYB 335013 GR-2" are specifically the ones that I read about on another post. I...
  2. Lowering Springs for the Electronically Controlled Suspension?

    I've had my car for a while and i've kept it mainly stock, but recently i've been adding more and more to it. My most recent purchase was a new set of wheels and unfortunately, while the wheels look awesome, the ride height of the vehicle is unappealing. I was considering coilovers for the car...
  3. 3000gt spyder on air suspension?

    I've had my eye on the vr4 spyder FOREVER and in all my time drooling over builds I don't think I've ever seen one on air suspension. So my question is if there's ever been any documentation of a 3000gt spyder on air suspension and if it's sold anywhere?