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  1. Are SOHC and DOHC steering components shared?

    New Owner Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a new owner to a 1997 base SOHC 3000GT and I need some new steering and suspension components. Now I'm having trouble finding controls arms spec'd for the base model, it seems I can only find them spec'd for the SL and VR4. Does the base SOHC model share the steering components...
  2. AWS Leak Fix or Delete (Pictures)

    Engine - Turbo
    I've had my VR4 for ~15 years now and the AWS finally started leaking like crazy. I might try to fix it since I like it for Wyoming cross-winds or delete it if that's easier. See the two attached pics of where it's leaking, looks to be the left side of the flange or tube leading to it that...