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  1. Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hiya folks! I have a 94 dodge stealth sohc, after i swapped over the auto trans the car started to act up once it warmed up, it would get to point were the rad fan would kick in and then cut out straight away, whether i had my foot on the throttle or not, once the car cools down it will start up...
  2. Engine - Non-Turbo
    My block is shot and but i don't know if the earlier ones don't have a Cam sensor somewhere or a crank sensor or something along those lines
  3. ECU Tuning
    Straight to the point boys. How should i go about tuning the ECU to adjust for higher injectors? I got a performance pump and 550cc injectors for my motor. Recently had the old one lock up and swapped it, decided to get the turbo mod done while everything was apart anyway, and the last thing i...
  4. New Member Introductions
    So I have a 97 SL but here's the kicker it has the sohc motor. I thought all SL's we're dual cam but that's not the case with this car. It has a sunroof, and leather interior and I cannot for the life of me find an auto tranny. The car has 127,xxx on the clock so I'd like to find one with...
  5. Engine - Non-Turbo
    If anyone has added a turbo to the base model, which one did you use? And yes, I’ve considered just getting a VR-4, but in the long run I’m interested in adding a turbo to my base model.
  6. Parts Wanted
    look for part number md320732 the distributor assembly only if anyone can help with this part please lmk thank you!!🙏
  7. Engine - Non-Turbo
    How's it going guys. currently replacing the motor in my '93 Stealth base, and figured now's a good time to get to working on some of the upgrades I've been wanting to do. I know the exhaust manifold for the TT models don't bolt onto my SOHC (correct me if I'm wrong of course), so I was...
  8. Engine - Non-Turbo
    I just bought a 1997 3000GT. The mechanic has got it running but says the multi-pin connector on the side of the distributor is flaky and damaged. I guess it runs to the ECU. Any ideas on a replacement connector or cable? Don't see anything on the Mitsu parts sites.
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I've made a post before but it was a couple months ago. I have a 1997 3000GT base, 4 speed auto FWD with the SOHC engine. Are there any SOHC engine heads on here? I need to pick someone's brain, someone who knows about the engine and car. Specifically, can I just drop a DOHC in it with...
  10. How-to's
    I have a 1997 sl sohc with 160000 miles on it, everything runs smooth on the engine but the problem is the tach does not want to read at all, not even on start up nor driving. i’ve tried looking for the ptu tach wire but a lot of these threads are for the dohc which i know has completely...
  11. New Owner Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a new owner to a 1997 base SOHC 3000GT and I need some new steering and suspension components. Now I'm having trouble finding controls arms spec'd for the base model, it seems I can only find them spec'd for the SL and VR4. Does the base SOHC model share the steering components...
1-11 of 11 Results