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slow acceleration

  1. Is an N/A base DOHC 3000 supposed to be slower than a Miata? Down on power

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hey all! been a while since I've posted on here since my 3S has been 'hibernating' per say (long story). I finally got her road worthy a few months ago and I've been dailying it since. Now I never drove the car too much before it went into hibernation and I'm used to very slow 80s cars but it...
  2. New Owner 1991 3000GT SL (Acceleration Issues) Plz Help!

    Hello there, Purchased my first red 1991 3000GT SL a few days ago. N/A DOHC 114k miles on it. (Automatic) Beautiful car, and am excited to be apart of this community. BUT NEED HELP!!! I brought it in to the mechanic (im still learning how to work on cars) and had a bunch of very necessary...