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  1. Wanting an Engine Swap. Give Your Best Advice.

    My ‘97 SL has almost 140,000 and runs like new. But when the inevitable happens (engine go bye-bye) I don’t won’t another non-turbo V6. I won’t a balls-to-the-wall V8. Particularly an LS3. Does anyone have any engine swapping experience with these cars? I know it can be done. I’ve seen a few...
  2. my_car_after_new_springs_shocks_etc_07_08_13_edited_PS_for_3si


    I took this photo right after my husband changed all the stock springs, shocks, & lower rear control arms to Eibach Pro, KYB shocks/struts (GR2/ExcelG), & 3SX rear adjustable control arms in July 2013 (@ 42,300 original miles). This is my "daily driver" I've owned since it was ne
  3. 3kgt in door country wi 2

    3kgt in door country wi 2

  4. 3kgt in door county wi

    3kgt in door county wi