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  1. Parts for Sale
    Rear seats-uppers (tan) - $25 -- comes with seat belt clips Rear hatch cover (black) - $20 Rear hatch carpet (black) - $15 Spare tire kit w/ trays - $25 Willing to ship at buyer's expense Located in Indianapolis Call / text with questions: 317-514-nine eight seven nine
  2. Parts for Sale
    Edit- A. Found the cigarette lighter. B. Going to add a few things - NOS ashtray. Plus used door sills, nice cargo/hatch cover, console carpets and carpet trim where it meets the lower front corner of the door. PICK UP ONLY in/near Athens, OH If you are looking to restore a 96- 99 3S, or...
  3. Interior
    Hey, I’m looking for cheaper options when it comes to reclinable bucket seats for the driver and passenger side. Preferably, I would like to find some cheaper ones that still will hold you in place and also fit well on a 3si. I’ve got a 94 SL if that helps at all though I don’t believe it makes...
  4. Interior
    I have a 1991 3000gt with a new seat that came with the car and I noticed the headrest doesn’t stay up. When I took off the headrest, I see that the sleeve is broken. Does anyone know where I can buy replacements of this part or how I can fix this myself? Thank you.
  5. Interior
    Okay, so for the past couple of months, I have been trying to install bucket seats in my car. Full transparency, they were replica Bride seats I bought on ebay for cheap. But the hardest part was getting all my parts to fit together. Here's how to avoid all the mistakes I made: Step one: Know...
  6. Interior
    So for a while now, I have wanted to put bucket seats in. The original seats are cracked and heavy, and not too comfortable. My issue is that I cannot find any seat brackets for side-mount seats. I originally bought cipher auto brackets from CarID, but they never came and I got refunded. Now I...
1-6 of 6 Results