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runs rich

  1. Fuel trim data

    New Owner Questions
    Hello I have a 1994 DOHC base model , I’ve replaced the engine with a used one and started it and smoked and smells really rich , the cats are guttered , now what i want to see are the fuel trims. I have a snap on scanner supports obd2 when I plug it in nothing response but I remember a few...
  2. Surging Idle, Stalling under load, Running Rich, and Check Engine Light is On

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Let me start by prefacing that my car is a 1999 3000gt SOHC Automatic. I am currently experiencing several problems with my car after doing a rebuild on the engine, including: Car is running pig rich, leading to a strong gas smell as well as bogging down Idle is rough and surges from 600 to...
  3. Car runs rich, wont pass smog (idle)

    Engine - Turbo
    I have a 91 tt with 46k mikes clean title. It won't pass CA smog for the idle test. It passes the 2500rpm part but not idle. The idle sounds rough when car is warming up. It's at the mechanic and they think it's either the O2 sensors gone bad or the mass air flow meter sensor. Not sure if this...