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rough idle

  1. Car runs rich, wont pass smog (idle)

    Engine - Turbo
    I have a 91 tt with 46k mikes clean title. It won't pass CA smog for the idle test. It passes the 2500rpm part but not idle. The idle sounds rough when car is warming up. It's at the mechanic and they think it's either the O2 sensors gone bad or the mass air flow meter sensor. Not sure if this...
  2. Rough Idle, Poor Gas Mileage - Evoscan Datalog

    Engine - Turbo
    Hi everyone, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with my car. Any help or input would be appreciated. I'm working on my 1997 VR4. It's BPU, with 550cc injectors and an SAFCII with a tune, in addition to a handful of other mods in support of a possible future turbo upgrade. Right now, I have a...