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  1. Engine - Turbo
    I've done the notorious tragedy of spinning a bearing on these fragile cars. I have a 91 VR4. I only need one OEM rod but if you need to sell them all I might as well take them off your hands. It's not worth it to me to get a whole set of forged rods just because one is messed up. So if anyone...
  2. Parts Wanted
    I’m going to be buying some forged rods for my build. I figured I’d ask here first if anyone had NEW ONLY set of rods they no longer plan on using. Price pending the rods. Let me know.
  3. Parts for Sale
    I have a stock set of pistons/rods from a 92 TT Stealth. The appear fine and came out of a running engine. I can provide pictures of each journal/bearing (still in the pistons) if needed. I am selling a used internal engine part. Please have them checked prior to installation. looking for...
  4. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of lightly used aftermarket pistons and rods for my '92 VR4 TT. Planning to run up to ~ 500 AWHP. I have a dead #6 cyl. and plan to rebuild my Gen 1 block with a gen 2 steel crank and a forged piston and rod assembly.
1-4 of 4 Results