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  1. New Owner Questions
    Hey, so I'm about to start a rebuild on my 95 sl and I was looking at a vr-4 short block from Mitsubishi. Does anyone know if the sl heads with work with a vr-4 short block?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Alright well i gotta say it wasnt easy finding a dealership willing to work on these cars (i got 2, 1992 stealth rt/tt) as well as order all parts from 3SX exclusively. I spoke with Robert and James Tong (be careful, they're twins lol) Sean Periera, Norman Plourde, Don Bautista, and Jeremy Lemko...
  3. General
    I need help finding what bolt/nut im missing on the power steering pump.
  4. New Owner Questions
    As I have gotten more familiar with the 3000gt and the rebuild side of vehicles, I started to realize some things about my specific 3000gt that I am definitely going to need help with in the near future. When I bought the car it was listed as a 95' body with a 92' engine in it. Come to realize...
  5. General
    My wife and I just finished rebuilding Our 94 vr4 after a spun bearing and got a call today from the shop saying they think they spun a bearing on the dyno. After all the upgrades and time we are heavily invested into this car but we’re transitioning from the military and this is the worst time...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Just traded for a 92 vr4 that has a blown head gasket (oil into coolant). Doesn’t over beat after 30 minutes of idle and no coolant in the oil but going to pull the engine out and do a full rebuild starting this weekend. Any tips you wish you knew when pulling an engine out of one of these? All...
  7. General
    Wanted to test this out and try out the new editor! Hope you enjoy! 300M Output shaft New OEM Synchros New Seals New Bearings Fully cleaned All bearing pre-loads reset New 1/2 Hub and Slider New shifter bushing block New fill and drain plugs Fully rebuilt transfer case Additional...
1-7 of 7 Results