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  1. Audio/Video Systems
    I recently installed a new aftermarket radio (the Sony XAV-AX1000) and I noticed that it doesn't sit flush with the trim pieces. Obviously, the trim piece I am using is not OEM but is the exact dimensions as OEM, and theoretically, it should all fit, however, it appears the radio sits too far...
  2. Audio/Video Systems
    Hi guys, i have a 97 VR4 with a working stock infinity radio, amp and 10 disk changer, im curious to know if the first gen radio with the digital equalizer screen will work with the gen two system without modification, i kn9w its ment for a 6 disk changer, i just want to know if it will work...
  3. Parts Wanted
    I finally got my hands on a car play radio for my 3/S, but I don't think I'll be able to properly install it because I have the double single din radio bezel. Does anyone have a double din radio bezel that I could buy off of them? The part number is MB604650. I live in the Bay Area of...
  4. Audio/Video Systems
    Hey, everyone. I recently bought a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL. The car is beautiful but a bit of a fixer upper. I’m running into trouble with the wiring for the radio. The person I bought the car from cut into the stock harness to put a aftermarket radio. The aftermarket radio wasn’t wired right...
  5. Audio/Video Systems
    I just bought a 95’ 3000GT and it didn’t come with the radio so I thought the spot is big enough for a tablet / screen any ever done this ? And can recommend something that will fit almost perfectly ? Thank you!
  6. Parts Wanted
    Hello! Looking for a 92 vr4 radio, primarily the power button and button 6. Will be willing to buy the whole unit working or non working with those buttons on it for the right price. Thanks! B
  7. General
    I managed to pick up a 1991 Stealth RT TT a few months back, it's still completely stock except for the Radio which has been replaced with an aftermarket Pyle System. I want to drop in an OEM radio but I'm unsure if all the different trims of radio that came with the cars are compatible with the...
  8. Audio/Video Systems
    okay so i’m having some difficulties installing an after marker radio in my base 95 stealth. i have a double din stock radio. i have the new radio and wiring harness all hooked up but the radio won’t come on, there is a 13 pin round rca looking connector that plugs into the stock radio that...
  9. Parts Wanted
    I just bought a ‘93 3000GT VR4 with 91k on the dash, but the radio is fried, looking for a replacement stock one without paying $750 for one off eBay, help is appreciated!
1-9 of 9 Results