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  1. Engine - Turbo
    Hello All, I am a new member to 3si and recently bought a 1991 dodge stealth TT with 90k miles. It is in very good shape, but has been having some intermittent engine issues that are becoming more consistent. I am going to try to keep this post concise, but it will be a bit of a novel as a want...
  2. General
    I recently bought a 97 SOHC 3k and i have been having trouble starting the car and i think it has to do with the PTU, CAS and the distributer. I have tested everything in that area and it looks good besides the ptu, which is not getting 12v. The car cranks fine and gets spark and fuel but wont...
  3. Advanced Technical Discussions
    Hey guys, Do any of you have experience with using a different PTU on our cars? I am thinking about building a custom module. I've noticed its very common to pair GM LX 301 modules to make a custom unit. I am looking into it more technically as well, as in building my very own module from...
  4. New Owner Questions
    Hello everyone i just accuired my 92’ vr4 but the previous owner was a complete fool. Anyways all wires and such have been messed ut and he has changed the coils from oem to GM coils and has also removed the PTU. So where do you guys recomend i get the signal from?
1-4 of 4 Results