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  1. General
    I had to replace my battery today, as mine would not hold a charge. I discovered the issue the day before, having to jump my car as I left work, and again after making a stop on the way home. I have the correct battery, at a full charge, and it is oriented the right way, but problems arose after...
  2. Engine - Non-Turbo
    My power steering belt will not stop squaling, i used a rubber hose as a stethoscope and the squeal is coming from the crankshaft pulley, more specifically i believe the power steering belt is rubbing against the alternator crankshaft pullys face. Any tips or comments on how to proceed to fix this?
  3. Engine - Turbo
    I have recently installed a aem FPR i ordered from 3sx on my 94 vr4 20T build. When starting up my car the afr gauge was going back and fourth rich to lean. I went on ecu flash and tried to dial it in but I have had no luck. I have a fuel pressure gauge on the rail of my car and I noticed it was...
  4. General
    Hey y’all, i’m sure u all know about the dreaded glove box in the 3kgt. Mine is closed shut & wont open, to replace it should i just buy a whole new glove box from ebay or should i try to look for just the latch? I need a working gb in my car haha
1-4 of 4 Results