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  1. Aluminium Crank pulley

    Engine - Turbo
    I’ve bought an aluminium crank shaft pulley to replace my OEM one that’s starting to go. There are a few mods on the car and it’s currently running around 370HP and 450lbs of torque. Will this amount of power cause problems later down the line with spun bearing and what not due to the lack of...
  2. Major help! 99 base wont start

    Alright so today my cars 1 mo old battery was totally dead & had to jump start my car. I replaced terminals with brand new ones also, but something seems to be draining the battery constantly. Does anyone know how i can remove the cigarette lighter in my car? If it’s going to cause this much...
  3. Is an N/A base DOHC 3000 supposed to be slower than a Miata? Down on power

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    Hey all! been a while since I've posted on here since my 3S has been 'hibernating' per say (long story). I finally got her road worthy a few months ago and I've been dailying it since. Now I never drove the car too much before it went into hibernation and I'm used to very slow 80s cars but it...