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  1. General
    I'm wondering what material the plenum is (i'm assuming aluminum but wanted to make sure) I need to tap and die the vacuum hole from the plenum that leads to the fuel solenoid (the previous owner accidentally sealed it with jbweld) and right now i have that vacuum hose leading into the egr...
  2. Parts for Sale
    Items will be shipped or can be picked up from West Chester, PA 19380. Brand new set of Maximal Performance N/A adjustable control arms with the rubber boot covers $100 (Shipping included) Link: Driver side window regulator...
  3. 98 Intake Plenums Rear

    Here you can see the bigger difference in the two. Either way you look at it, it still doesnt fit :)
  4. 98 Intake Plenums

    Both off of '98 3000GT SL's. Their different...
1-4 of 4 Results