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  1. New Owner Questions
    Hey, this is probably a silly question but does anyone know if there are any standard parts for 3000GTs that were used in other Mitsubishi’s of the same year? I have a 1995 SL that I’ve had a few years but haven’t needed anything major repaired. Just wondering a “what if” question, nothing too...
  2. Parts Wanted
    i live in washington state and am looking for a parts car vr4 needs the whole drive train year doesnt matter. i can have the car shipped to me if out of 200 mile radius.
  3. Parts Wanted
    '92 VR-4 came missing a few trim pieces. Looking to buy: INTERIOR - Driver's Side A-Pillar EXTERIOR Front windshield upper trim Rear windshield upper and lower trim
  4. Parts for Sale
    Good condition tail lights for 93 Dodge Stealth I got these from the junkyard the driver side has a scratch that goes down but other than that they're in good condition
  5. Parts Wanted
    Currently restoring a 1994 gto and the "T" badge has fallen off, anyone know where I can buy a new set?
  6. Parts for Sale
    Me and my buddy found stock of 10 brand new passenger signals for the 1999 model year, we are selling them each for 325 shipped with hardware, act fast they are selling out quickly (might get another shipment if we’re out)
  7. Miscellaneous
    I have been looking around everywhere and can't find replacements for the underpart of the headlight. If anyone knows a place that's sells them that would be really helpful.
  8. New Owner Questions
    Hey all, just want to say hello to everyone and ask for some advice. I recently purchased a 1993 3000GT VR4. The owner changed out the original gauges (112K reading) with another set that has higher mileage as the old odometer stopped working, but the original set came with the car. Only about...
  9. Miscellaneous
    I haven't touched my vr4 in a few years but have decided recently to raise it from the dead. Last thing I did was get the VSS replaced and the idiot at the shop replaced some worn out OEM piping/hoses in the engine bay for some random garbage they had laying around. It's been so long I have...
  10. Parts Wanted
    Hello! Looking for a 92 vr4 radio, primarily the power button and button 6. Will be willing to buy the whole unit working or non working with those buttons on it for the right price. Thanks! B
  11. Parts Wanted
    I have a 1997 FWD base SOHC automatic 3000GT, and am looking to DOHC swap it and manual swap it. I see new motors from companies on Ebay or from people that are claimed to be new and have a price of over 2k. Same with manuals. So I am looking to get some used ones, that run or at least close to...
  12. Parts for Sale
    I have a OEM 1991-1993 Rear garnish for sale, on 3sx I saw they sell for $150, and ebay is usually around $75-$85. No cracks, no scratches, just laying around. I'd love to sell it for $70 USD. I think i'm asking for a fair price, so if you're interested let me know! Also I saw one go for $200USD...
  13. Parts for Sale
    Original Fin- $250 Original Mitsubishi 3000GT Spoiler- $150 Center garnish red rear taillight-$75 Excellent condition Won’t pay for shipping Willing to bargain
  14. Parts for Sale
    Backseats- $150 Won’t pay for shipping Everything is in excellent condition Willing to bargain
1-14 of 14 Results