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  1. General
    So I’ve been looking to redoing my valve-train components like getting new lifters, springs, retainers, and valves for my 1994 base model 3000gt and all of the ones I see for sale online are performance upgrades and are pretty expensive for me. Any recommendations for what I should do or where I...
  2. Parts Wanted
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone was parting out a black 1991-93 3000gt? I'm looking for the whole back hatch, wing and all. It doesn't matter if it's the AA wing. I'd rather buy an entire hatch to put on my Stealth than drill holes in the existing hatch (if I ever wanted to go back to the...
  3. Seller/Buyer Ratings
    My glovebox is stuck and finding parts is a pain, if you know any websites or if you have an extra part or two laying around let me know and we can set something up. I just need a latch and the lock assembly, i already have a spare glovebox. Thanks
  4. Front Wheel Drive - Drivetrain
    Hi everyone. No surprise here but my automatic transmission is going bad on my 3000gt. I’m planning on swapping it to manual but don’t have the parts for it. I’m not sure what channel to put it in but it seems like this one might work. I’m not in a rush to buy the parts but if you have them...
  5. Parts Wanted
    Looking for… 99 front turn signals. 99 sails (any color, good condition) 99 front bumper. please shoot me your offers!
  6. Parts Wanted
    Trying to do a manual swap on my SL. Looking for a good transmission that's shifts well with no issues. Also any other manual parts, but mostly a transmission. Thanks
  7. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a wiring harness. I don’t really need the whole thing I just need parts of it due to a rat that ate wires from the injectors area since the car has been sitting for 8+ years. It would be great if someone had one they are will to cut up because I don’t really have the experience to...
  8. Parts Wanted
    Located in Florida, looking to replace a single shot exhaust back to stock. Need from the headers all the way back if possible. Willing to trade or just pay cash, let me know what you got!
  9. Parts Wanted
    Don't really have a specific kit in mind. I need one so send your used set up. Preferably the whole kit not really wanting to buy pieces or replace stuff/ make a Frankenstein set up. Thank you!
  10. Parts Wanted
    Need the 2 bulb sockets for the front turn signals on a 92 3000gt sl. Hoping to get it fast.
  11. Parts Wanted
    I am in need/looking for a 1g 3000gt right side skirt ASAP. I was recently in a crash, and took a huge chunk out my right side skirt. My vr4 is black but is poorly painted so color doesn’t matter to me. If anyone has one or knows anyone willing to sell theirs. Please let me know with a PM or a...
  12. General
    Hi! I recently bought my 3000GT, I`ve had it for about 3 months now, during that time I have changed all my breaks and break hoeses, changed the idler pulley, and so on and so forth. I live in Norway and I`m kind of struggeling to get a hold of parts you could say.. The last owner must have done...
  13. Parts Wanted
    Both of mine are cracked on inner corners, looking for a new set. Also my left headlight is cracked & might not be able to repair so looking for a black headlight as well. Thanks!
  14. Parts Wanted
    Black or Tan seats for 2nd Gen VR4 stock preferably but will look at aftermarket as well just looking for some good used seats to replace the ripped and torn seats I have now.
  15. Parts for Sale
    Looking for nice used seats for a 2nd gen vr4 tan or black or aftermarket as long as they are in good condition.
  16. Engine - Turbo
    I've done the notorious tragedy of spinning a bearing on these fragile cars. I have a 91 VR4. I only need one OEM rod but if you need to sell them all I might as well take them off your hands. It's not worth it to me to get a whole set of forged rods just because one is messed up. So if anyone...
  17. General
    So turns out after i lowered my car this weekend the other side of my front blinker chipped so now both corners are gone. Anyone have any spare blinkers laying around? Also looking for a whole new center console because the bolts on mine snapped off. Heres a pic of what i’m talking about with...
  18. General
    Hey y’all. If anyone has a spare manual for a 99 3kgt base model laying around id love to take it off your hands. Thought there was one in my globe box & finally sawed it open today & nothing. . Or if anyone knows where i can buy one/get a digital one that would be great too! Thanks!
  19. New Owner Questions
    Hey guys, I am new to the 3000gt game and have just tore down the motor and transmission on my "new to me" SL 5spd. I have found that I am in need of a replacement 2nd gear as well as the synchro rings. I believe i have found the synchro ring for a reasonable price, however I am having trouble...
  20. Parts Wanted
    I have a 1997 FWD base SOHC automatic 3000GT, and am looking to DOHC swap it and manual swap it. I see new motors from companies on Ebay or from people that are claimed to be new and have a price of over 2k. Same with manuals. So I am looking to get some used ones, that run or at least close to...
1-20 of 24 Results