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  1. New Owner Questions
    I've been building this engine for a while now, got it back in the car with the trans attached ready to button everything up and start it for the first time. I should've done more research before putting the oil pan on but a couple of weeks after I put the engine back in the car I saw a post...
  2. Engine - Turbo
    Hey all, I'd like to just share some information/gather some opinions on some recent oil pump discoveries I've seen. I saw a video today posted by Hans Ertl @ Ground Zero Performance on Instagram showing the differences between OEM oil pump housings and Melling oil pump housings for our cars...
  3. Parts Wanted
    does anybody have any information where i could get an oil pump for my 3000 its a 1991 3000GT SL DOHC
  4. New Owner Questions
    I just bought and installed a N/A oil pump: MD150013, for my vr4 engine and am having trouble threading in the oil pressure sensor from the other oil pump. Are there different kinds with slightly different threading? I could only get mine go to in about 1/3rd of the way before it got pretty...
  5. Engine - Turbo
    Kind of a dumb question, but i've recently been swapping out the OEM temp / oil pressure / boost gauges for some AEM ones, and i've ran into clearance issues mounting the oil pressure sensor sending unit- namely, that the rear of the wiring harness is awfully close to the axle. I'm not (yet)...
1-5 of 5 Results