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oil leak

  1. Hydraulic tensioner causing leak

    94 Dodge Stealth RT Recently did timing belt service and car started dumping oil after the service. I believe it's from the hydraulic tensioner bolts being torqued to much on install. If this is the cause can I simply back them out a little to fix the problem or will I need a new oil pump seal...
  2. Oil leak... and pretty bad

    So i have a bad oil leak that seems to be saturating almost my whole undercarriage. It’s primarily on the driver side, it just recently has gotten worse & now my engine makes a bad raspy sound when i start it. Anyone have any guesses on what this could possibly be? Not looking good on my end. I...
  3. Slow Leak Automatic Transmission Fluid on Passenger Side - 1994 3000GT SL - 141K Miles

    I think God doesn't like me and has stricken my car as my punishment! Last week I noticed some automatic transmissionn fluid appearing where-ever my car was parked. I just put in another quart today, and it seems like its going down pretty quick as I am driving, not to the point where I can...