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no start

  1. Soch not starting

    Engine - Non-Turbo
    So I have this soch 97 did head gasket and won’t start now i have fuel and not sure but I have little spark (red spark) not sure what to do ? Anyone got any suggestions Replaced Rotor Distributor cap ignition wires Spark plugs Did timing Took off the distributor and tried to put it back...
  2. Starter tries turning, but no start.

    New Owner Questions
    Hey everyone. I’m on my third 3000gt and I can’t get enough of them. However I’m encountering a problem I’ve never seen before. When I try starting the car, the starter partially cranks but the car doesn’t actually turn over at all. I can hear the starter trying to do something, but I get no...
  3. Hey, little help please

    New Member Introductions
    I recently inherited (bought my siblings out) my fathers '92 Stealth TT. All stock 70k. He drove it less than 1000 miles in 24 years! He bought it with 69k. Anyway, changed oil, battery, plugs and wires and drove it from Ohio to NC a few months ago. It ran better and better the longer I drove...
  4. No start, seems flooded, have all requirements to start.

    I have just finished rebuilding my 6g72 twin turbo motor and dropping it into the car, and it fired up shortly after priming the engine; however now will not start. It cranks, I have spark, 150psi compression, lots of fuel pressure and engine timing seems good. The engine seems to be flooding as...